Trizyklisches Antidepressivum




  • Tricyclic antidepressants have negative effects on all endocrine systems, particularly the male reproductive system, and thus may cause sexual malfunctions that include impotence, ejaculation dysfunction, galactorrhoea or gynaecomastia, decreases in libido, and testicular swelling. [Ehab 2020]
  • Amitriptyline induces negative alterations in testicular tissue by disrupting the oxidant/antioxidant balance and causing reproductive hormone maladjustment, DNA damage, histopathological lesions, and excess immunohistochemical expression. As Turnera diffusa Willd. is a rich source of bioactive phenolic compounds that are characterised by antioxidant properties, based on the results of this study, it can be utilised as a protective antioxidant to mitigate some of these effects of Amitriptyline treatment.


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Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, Volume 132, 2020, 110819, ISSN 0753-3322,